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Wider Public Sector Learning helps solve some of the issues faced by wider public sector organisations.

Why use us?

SubGraphic_HowWeHelpWhyUseUs_time.jpg Save time - Any wider public sector organisation can draw upon this service without the need for further procurement processes;saving you time when you have a deadline to complete training. Your Relationship Manager co-ordinates the delivery of learning solutions; freeing up valuable time and resource.
SubGraphic_HowWeHelpWhyUseUs_money.jpg Save money - We provide detailed Management Information (MI) to help you keep track of spend, savings and how well training was received; so you can analyse cost savings and performance more easily and keep on top of your L&D budget.
SubGraphic_HowWeHelpWhyUseUs_training.jpg Get the training you want - We have access to best of breed training suppliers that have been through rigorous procurement processes; ensuring you get the high-quality training programme you want.
SubGraphic_HowWeHelpWhyUseUs_compliant.jpg Be compliant – You can be compliant in procurement practices without having to manage lengthy supplier selection processes.

Wider public sector experience and expertise - We closely monitor new skills and training options that are in-demand across all industries and sectors within the wider public sector – as well as keeping abreast of regulatory changes - giving you the assurance that your investment will deliver the right training.


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