Professional procurement

Once we have worked with you to define your learning needs, we will manage the full procurement process so you don’t have to. Our rigorous and compliant procurement processes ensure that you are getting high-quality training for the most competitive price.

Typically there are two procurement routes which we manage for our clients – Prime and Open Market delivery.


1 - Prime

Pre-negotiated rates with a core network of Prime suppliers

Our significant buying power allows us to secure the most competitive prices for learning solutions. We have pre-negotiated rates and contractual terms with a core network of Prime suppliers, which offer a broad range of learning services, and we deliver a core curriculum of 200+ courses with a focus on the Wider Public Sector.

2 – Open market

Procuring Open Market training

If our Prime providers do not meet your requirements, then we can procure a variety of different types of training from the open market, in a quick and compliant way. Here are some examples of the types of Open Market learning we have procured as part of our managed service: 

SubGraphic_LearningSolutions_training.jpg  Training courses
 SubGraphic_LearningSolutions_apprenticships.jpg Apprenticeships and Traineeships
 SubGraphic_LearningSolutions_bespoke.jpg Bespoke learning programmes
 SubGraphic_LearningSolutions_elearning.jpg E-learning
 SubGraphic_LearningSolutions_consulting.jpg Learning consultancy services

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