Can I procure e-learning via the Framework?

Your e-learning requirement can be procured via the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) L&D Framework including bespoke e-learning programmes, e-learning modules and courses, as well as full e-learning platform deployments.

A range of e-learning can be procured to cover a range topics relevant to your organisation’s learning requirements can be procured to reduce costs and increase accessibility to learning.

Examples of e-learning

Below are examples of the different e-learning solutions which can be procured through the Framework:

  • Policy-change focused e-learning module (enabling quick knowledge transfer and compliance)
    An easily accessible e-learning course to teach staff about new policies or policy updates, ensuring compliance
  • Programme of mandatory e-learning modules for new starters
    A combined programme for new starters comprised of core modules to ensure they complete all the necessary training, such as: Health and Safety, Data Protection, or Equality and Diversity.
  • Social learning platforms
    A central resource to share information across your whole organisation such as step-by-step process guides, workbooks, video resources, scenarios, organisation structures or resource libraries 
  • Simulation learning / gamification
    Multi-media e-learning to increase learner engagement including: scenario based videos and interactive graphics which place the learner in a real-life situation to test their knowledge in a safe, virtual environment.
  • Bespoke e-learning platform deployments
    A hosting infrastructure to centralise L&D services within your organisation to allow your people to access and sign up for courses

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