Bespoke learning programmes

What are bespoke learning programmes?

Bespoke learning programmes are tailored to your organisation's requirements to help your organisation improve performance and achieve its objectives.

They help to support objectives, such as:

  • Organisation change
    Deliver change in the behaviours or skills of your people to support a change or transformation in your organisation's goals or strategies
  • People oriented change
    Deliver a transformation in the behaviours or attitudes of your people to improve employee performance or support a cultural change
  • Process change
    Deliver a change in processes to increase efficiency in your organisation, whether through a change in IT systems or a change to how everyday processes are handled
  • Legislation change
    Equip your people with the skills and processes they need to comply with a change in government policy or other legislative changes

How can bespoke learning programmes be delivered?

Bespoke learning programmes can be comprised of a number of different elements and use multiple learning modalities to achieve the optimum solution for your bespoke requirement.

For example, programmes may consist of a combination of 1:1 coaching, awareness seminars, workshops, or instructor-led delivery.

Examples of bespoke learning programmes

Some examples of bespoke learning programmes include:

  • Organisational change
    An organisation decides they need to improve their customer retention. To do this, they may decide that they need to improve their customer service ratings. The whole organisation needs to adopt a more customer focused attitude to the work they do. A Customer Service Excellence programme is rolled out across the organisation comprising of e-learning modules, face-to-face training and post-training learning interventions.
  • People oriented change
    A recently acquired organisation is now going through a period of cultural change. It is being encouraged to adopt the more dynamic and non-hierarchical culture of the new business which has acquired them. A leadership programme is developed to ensure the leadership team are truly living by, and managing their teams in the spirit of the new culture.
  • Change in process
    A company is rolling out a new CRM system and need everyone to process customer data in a different way. A new technology training programme is rolled-out across the organisation to ensure their people have the skills they need to use new system correctly. 
  • Change in legislation
    A legislation or policy change programme rolled out across an organisation, to ensure the business is compliant with new regulations.

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