What are the timescales for the procurement process?

Once the Gateway application has been approved, the learning specification has been finalised and the call off agreement has been signed, the average timelines for the procurement process are:



  • Straight-forward Prime call offs
  • Some straight forward Request for Quotes (RFQs)



  • Complex Prime requirements, needing supplier solution design
  • Majority of RFQs 
  • Low to mid complexity Request for Proposals (RFPs)



  • High complexity RFPs
  • Evaluation process / presentation process needed
  • Complex statement of works (SOW) and contracting needs

There is an expectation that Capita will complete the procurement process within an average timescale of 30 days.

The procurement timescales will vary depending on your specific requirements and the complexity of the learning solution.

Our quicker, compliant procurement processes save our customers time; whether you have a deadline to complete mandatory training courses for all members of staff, or you want to make sure urgent training requirements are met and actioned quickly.

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