Procurement process

Once a Gateway application has been submitted and approved, the Gateway Panel will decide whether Prime or Open Market is the most appropriate procurement route.

They will assess the complexity of the request and decide which procurement process will deliver the best route to market for cost savings and effectiveness.

The capability of the Prime suppliers to carry out the required training and the value of the requirement are also taken into consideration when deciding on the procurement route.


SubGraphic_Complexity-Value_1.jpg    SubGraphic_Complexity-Value_2.jpg 
For more straight forward requirements we are likely to have Prime suppliers to meet these needs, whereas more complex needs are more likely to go to Open Market.    Value is assessed on the assumption that the lower value requirements can be more clearly defined; so proposal-based processes can be avoided where it is not necessary, saving time and money. 



Prime and Open Market

Typically, there are two procurement routes: Prime, and Open Market delivery.

Prime: we have pre-negotiated rates and contractual terms with a core network of Prime suppliers which offer a broad range of learning services at discounted rates.

Open Market: if our Prime providers do not meet your requirements, then we can procure a variety of different types of training from the Open Market in a quick and compliant way


The procurement process


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