The background to our service

In 2012, Central Government ran a full procurement process to establish an agreement through which the Civil Service and Wider Public Sector could access high-quality learning quickly without the need for further procurement processes. Capita were successful and were selected as the sole managed service provider of this service.

Civil Service Learning (CSL) was set up to deliver a brand new approach to the provision of training across the Civil Service. It has given all civil servants greater choice to get the high-quality learning they need, whilst saving them time and money.

Centralising the delivery of learning and development enabled significant cost savings to be made for the government by:

  •   utilising the buying power of the Civil Service as a whole
  •   speeding up the learning services procurement process
  •   managing all learning provisions to remove duplication of services

Savings of over £60 million have already been recognised in the first two years of the service. Utilising the buying power of the whole of the Civil Service by using central procurement has resulted in lower costs per training day than could be obtained by individual departments, and has saved on the costs of running multiple procurement exercises across Government.

The decision was made by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) to mandate the CSL service for all civil servants. Although not mandated for Wider Public Sector organisations, they also have the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of the CCS L&D Framework RM1568.

What Next?

Accessing the service

What learning solutions can I procure?